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February 2022

“Best AI Project of The Year” award for ABLERA at the InsureTek 2022

It was a great honor and pleasure for our team to win the prestigious "Best AI Project of the Year" award at the InsureTek Middle East 2022 conference in Dubai on 9th of February. We appreciate the recognition, and we are proud of our team, our solutions and of what we have achieved so far. The journey continuous, we are looking forward to the next success story!



June 2021

Ablera won the Golden Shield Excellence Аward for Best Insuretek Start-up


November 2020 

Ablera and IBM Improve Insurance Customer Experience with “Beth” Virtual Assistant

IBM points out its cooperation with Ablera as one of the successful projects of #IBMgarage and shared details about its results in the media. We are grateful for the appraisal and active announcement of our collaboration.
Take your time to read more:




November 2020 

Serdica IPAL is featured in the Celent reports

We are proud to announce that Ablera's AI-powered PAS, Serdica IPAL, has been featured in Celent's report P&C Policy Administration Systems in APAC. We are pleased to be rated by one of the world's leading analysts and grateful for the recognition of our achievements.

You can see the full report on (subscription required).

October 2020 

Beth is on IBM NextGen Partners portal

We are pleased to announce that Ablera's cognitive conversational platform for insurance was recognized by IBM as one of the most innovative solutions, based on IBM Watson, and has been published on the IBM NextGen Partners portal.

Thanks to the successful partnership between Ablera and IBM, you have the opportunity to see in action Beth– our Intelligent Virtual Assistant, that brings the CX at a new level, providing a wide range of valuable features for target groups, such as customers, employees, and agents of the insurance companies.

Enjoy your watching at:

SERDICA video:



June 2020 


Joint webinar of Ablera and IBM - Beth in focus with a live demo

On June 18, a joint webinar of Ablera and IBM was successfully held with very high interest.

The main topic discussed was Ablera’s Virtual Intelligent Assistant- Beth, which is based on IBM Watson technology. On a live demo, it was shown Text to Speech version, which is possible if a channel supports audio response. Adding Speech to Text service would allow us to interact with Beth over a pure audio channel with no input text required.

In the effectively used minutes, it became clear that Beth possibilities are multifaceted. This multilingual, multicountry, and multichannel powerful conversational platform is designed for insurance companies and brokers that intend to digitalize and improve the CX and agent's/employee's work, bringing the business to a completely new level. It supports the entire communication among the clients, agents, and employees and provides all these groups with complete multilingual interaction.  


Thus through Beth “avatar”, all the business operations could be completed easily, perpetually, and independently from the workplace of the insurer/broker. As an important message which came as a question, it was clarified that the channels of communication with Beth are end-to-end encrypted, and it can be integrated with any authentication solution.

Beth Webinar.png

June 2020 


Joint 60-minutes webinar of Ablera and IBM- “Meet Beth – The multilingual, multicountry, multichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Insurance”, June 18th 2020 (Thursday)

We are pleased to invite you to the joint 60-minutes webinar of Ablera and IBM, organized with the kind assistance of ALSO Bulgaria on the topic: “Meet Beth – The multilingual, multicountry, multichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Insurance”.

During this interactive webinar Derek Carroll, Watson Project Delivery Manager, IBM Cognitive Consultant, Watson Group at IBM and Pavel Pavlov, Cognitive Team Leader at Ablera, will present our solution that combines the latest AI/ML technologies, a thorough understanding of insurtech trends and the changed customer expectations, thus supporting modeling the insurer of the future.
The special focus of the webinar will be Beth – our Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Insurance, powered by IBM Watson AI. You will have the opportunity to see a live demo of a real, working product, ready to fit into your digitalization strategy
as of day one.  


Welcome Notes
ABLERA - A Fusion of Experience, Knowledge, and Imagination (short presentation) 
SERDICA - AI Platform for Digital Business (brief overview to present the overall product of which VA Beth is a part) 
IBM Watson - A comprehensive, mature and feature-reach conversation platform 
IBM/ABLERA Joint Team – Scope of Collaboration, Achievements, Next Steps 
Beth - Multilingual Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Insurance:
   - Presentation of Methodology for Training
   - Live Demo

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

May 2020 

Beth is already available on the Boleron’s digital insurance platform, ready to chat with clients 


It was implemented in a very short period - only a month from signing the agreement to production. This became possible due to the fact, that Beth is a completed product, which the clients of Ablera can use with negligible customisation according to the offered insurance products and relevant business processes.


Beth provides a chat-like user interface, based on NLP, thus providing conversation automation and responses through the broker's website. It is 24/7 available to support and guide Boleron’s clients in the collaboration with their broker.


Boleron is a software platform for digital insurance, which started work at the beginning of 2020 as a digital broker. It is specially created for purchasing and managing insurance products via mobile phones from end-users.


It was a mutual decision to start the collaboration with limited Beth functionality, which will subsequently be expanded to the full capacity of the solution in order to assist clients with more complex inquiries and navigate them with general and specific tasks during each step of the interaction with their broker.

April 2020 

Launching SERDICA - a new-generation platform for digitalizing business processes of insurers and brokers 

Some of the main challenges the insurance industry is facing today include an ever-growing demand for personalization, changed customer expectations, and pressure to deliver consistent omnichannel experiences. Additionally, the current COVID-19 pandemic increases the need for remote services significantly.  

In order to respond to all these demands, we developed SERDICA, a cutting-edge AI platform for digital business. Designed with an exhaustive knowledge of the insurance domain and an in-depth understanding of the InsurTech of the future, using the latest technology achievements, the platform provides an environment for models' creating and training, advanced solutions for omnichannel CX and AI accelerated policy management library.  

The advanced microservice architecture provides enormous scalability, allowing a seamless mix between existing old-school rule-based techniques and new AI/ML technologies (Analytics, NLG/NLP, Computer Vision). The insurance companies can conduct the role of AI layer depending on their strategy and digitalization roadmap.  

SERDICA acceleration layer makes SERDICA platform a real digitalization tool, providing a new level of automation, enhancing UX by using natural language and conversation techniques for interactions between insurers and their clients. 

A result of extensive research and analysis of the innovative technologies, adopting AI/ML, IoT, NLU/NLP, SERDICA brings customer engagement, dynamic and customized offering, and risk assessment to the next level. This new generation solution provides the insurers with a powerful platform to implement their digitalization strategy, increasing efficiency, and expanding their market presence due to adopting of AI/ML Technologies. SERDICA will also allow the insurer's clients to have their insurer in their mobile phones, obtaining round-the-clock services, personalized offers, and tailored coverage. 



January 2020 

Beth is alive 

Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Insurance Beth is ready to meet the clients of insurers and brokers, giving them the freedom to reach easily, at any time and in a natural language their insurer, and to receive round-the-clock answers and advice on all topics, related to the insurance process. 

Beth's birth was made possible by the joint efforts of Ablera's experts, with their in-depth knowledge of the insurance business and new technologies, and top professionals of IBM with experience on-field with Watson Assistant.  This joined team was formed to tackle the multiple challenges ahead of Ablera’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant Beth.  

The Watson product training and technology transfer was accomplished by IBM team well established with complex implementations for various big European customers, during a series of workshops held over the past six months. This gave a powerful impetus to the development of Beth, ensuring that the product will have the necessary flexibility and functionality so that it can be implemented and used by insurers in different countries quickly and effectively. 



August 2019

IBM and Ablera working together in Watson Centre Munich 

IBM Garage enables enterprises to accelerate their R&D process, to break through, and to shorten the time-to-market of their products. The workshops, delivered by IBM pros, significantly empowers the team knowledge and speed up the building of innovative solutions based on Watson. 

In August 2019 IBM has organized a garage workshop for Ablera with the main objective to review the initial development, that has been done before the workshop, provide guidance regarding the right steps and approach, and to design together MVP. 

The first version of Ablera’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Insurance Beth has been created during this workshop along with a very detailed methodology to extend and enrich the functionality of Beth and shaping it as a product. 


June 2019 

Choose the right partner and multiply the benefits of proven solutions – Smart Engines and Ablera work together  

Ablera and Russian developer of AI-based identification systems Smart Engines signed an agreement of cooperation. In the scope of this collaboration, Russian scientists from Smart Engines, specializing in intelligent document processing, will ensure full automation of the identification process for the clients that interact with Ablera’s product. Embedded algorithms will allow the system to instantly process and digitize id cards, passports, driving licenses, vehicle documents, and car plates, regardless of lighting conditions and technical capabilities of the camera of the scanning device. Owing to AI, the technical solution is capable of determining the angle of inclination and perspective of the document within the screen, which helps it to quickly detect a document on the image in real-time, and successfully extract the necessary data.


Smart Engines is a Russia-based company, world’s leading supplier of integrated solutions for the recognition of identification documents based on years of fundamental R&D conducted by Russian scientists in the field of image recognition and processing, machine learning, high-load systems, recognition in the video stream and algorithmic optimization.  

With such a cooperation, Ablera’s aim is to ensure the end-users that they will save time while working with their insurer. This solution significantly decreases the level of human mistakes and speed-up and simplifies the process of data input by providing high recognition accuracy from document shots. Personal data is processed with strictly following of GDPR requirements. 



March 2019

A long way to partner with the leaders – a strategic IBM/Ablera partnership is already a fact 

There is no doubt that the synergy of cutting-edge proved technology, excellent domain knowledge, high-level expertise, and experience in Insurtech, will result in a new generation digitalization platform for insures in the near future. 

Ablera’s aim is to deliver to the market an innovative Cognitive transactional channel for human language interaction, a truly intelligent Virtual assistant, where the advanced technology base is a prerequisite for objectives achievement. 

It was a long way to find the right partner, who offers a mature and feature-rich solution and is able to contribute to the R&D process. This process was preceded by an extensive research of existing solutions. Only a few platforms can provide the needed technology base that will support the complexity of Ablera’s product.  

The analysis led Ablera to the conclusion that Watson Assistant is the most comprehensive and real projects proved conversation AI platform, that allows the building of intelligent Virtual assistants across any application, device, or channel.  

IBM & Ablera partnership includes not only using the technology base and ML models but also establishing a joint team, which will work on designing a complex Intelligent Virtual Assistant, specialized for the Insurance industry.



September 2018  

Ablera is here to be your partner in the journey to the digital future  

After exhaustive marketing research, latest analysts’ reports review, and decades of collaboration with leading insurers, we understand in-depth the evolution of insurance technologies, their role in the business, and the trends of market needs. Based on this, Ablera’s team was able to define the R&D process, the product scope, and roadmap, as well as the particular AI and ML technologies that can ensure the aimed result.  

The fusion of knowledge, experience, inspiration, and imagination is the essential pillar for success in such an innovative venture.

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