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 AI Development Studio

AI Model Training Accelerator

Serdica AI Development Studio gives you the opportunity to train and adjust different types of models to achieve optimal performance. This environment includes a set of pre-trained models and training pipelines on which your organization can build by using its own data. The training pipelines offer you the ability to monitor both the data preparation and training process step by step and change only the needed settings without starting from scratch every time you need to train a new model.

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Platform functionality includes the following critical capability areas:

Manageability: Supports usage tracking, management of by whom and how information is shared

Cloud: Support for building, deploying and managing analytics and analytic applications in the cloud, working with data that can be in the cloud or on-premises

Data source connectivity: Capability to connect to and ingest structured data contained in various types of storage platforms, on-premises or in the cloud

Data visualization: Support for interactive dashboards

Reporting: Generation and distribution in-depth reports on a scheduled basis to consumers

In order to successfully integrate a Machine Learning model into a business, this model should first be trained and then potentially fine-tuned on new data. The provided pre-trained Machine Learning models already achieve good base performance which may be increased by changing parts of the training pipelines or using additional data.

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