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Intelligent Policy Administration Library

AI Accelerated Open Policy Management Library

The insurance industry is facing unprecedented change, so the insurers should be able to meet this challenge, preparing their technology foundations for the future. They need to ensure appropriate capabilities in their core systems and architecture to enable digitalization and innovation initiatives. External factors challenge the traditional insurance business model, compelling insurers to develop new business models, products, and services.

It is essential for the insurance companies now to define their future vision and to transform it into real applications, integrating and wrapping their PAS with external/internal AI/ML solutions, technologies and components such as NLG/NLP Virtual Assistants (VA), Data Analytics segmentations and personalization techniques and Computer Vision features, thus taking the User Experience to a new level, optimizing the risk, the company profit, the loss ratio, and the entire company offering.


Intelligent Policy Administration Library

  • Allows to base the innovation and digitalization strategy on Ecosystem, supported by many partners

  • Provides incremental, step by step approach for replacing the old PAS environment

  • Guarantees low risk, manageability, and flexibility due to avoiding dependency on one vendor, the ability to build an Ecosystem of various vendors and freedom to consider many business and technological solutions

  • Ensures high scalability and public cloud compatible environment due to the microservice architecture

  • Preserves most of the existing insurance company employee’s user experience - no need for additional training as the reports, printouts, back-office UI remain the same

  • Changes the UI related to the omnichannel self-service thus improving customer experience in policy management and claim settlement

  • Guarantees business continuity and distribution of the investment over a long period.

  • Tangible results in a short time period

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Serdica IPAL provides a complete library for Personal Insurance

Open environment for using Cloud solutions (SaaS)

Microservice architecture  - company-tailored project scalability

Advanced Orchestration architecture – Camunda BPM/ RabbitMQ  message broker

AI Insurance Accelerators for Computer Vision and Analytics


Serdica Accelerator Layer determines the fundamental difference between IPAL and the traditional PASs, introducing the power of AI/ML, thus significantly enriching the insurer’s arsenal of tools for CX improving,

precise risk assessment and personalized offering.

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