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Intelligent Virtual Assistant Beth

Multilingual, Multicompany Cognitive

Conversational Platform

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Chatbots vs Intelligent Virtual Assistants 

Chatbots are widely regarded as an automated alternative to call- centers and customer service desks. However, they are rule-based, built on very simplistic decision-trees, and thus lack the complexity needed to efficiently answer client inquiries and handle their requests. They are static,  meaning they do not learn through data and interactions which makes them hard to maintain. In contrast, IVAs use NLP to communicate with clients in conversational form and to understand the context, intent, and sentiment behind the text. They continuously learn and improve when more data comes in, widening the range of their cognitive  capabilities.  The main differences are summarized below: 

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Beth - Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Ablera utilized its expertise and domain knowledge to create a new-generation multi-country multilingual conversational virtual assistant with state-of-the-art cognitive capabilities. Based on the advanced IBM Watson Assistant Platform and trained in the specifics of the insurance domain, Beth transforms customer service operations facilitating the communication of both clients and employees with the company’s systems. 

Omnichannel Customer Services Coverage

Beth is also trained to serve various user groups - the insurers' employees, agents, clients etc. thus creating different “avatars” for each of them. She provides tailored information, advice, and guidance, depending on the specific tasks and the corresponding user group. 

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Multilingual Transactional Channel for Human Conversation

Cognitive IBM Watson based transactional channel for human language interaction
  • Improves the availability of live agents to assist consumers with more complex inquiries  

  • Provides consumers with navigational assistance with general and specific tasks including, but not limited to Quotation, FNOL, Assisting/Replacing Call center, Brokers, and Agents.  

  • Serve as an active purchaser, including creating competitive processes increasing Customer experience  

  • Beth Platform provides robust ML-based support for dialogue management and extensive conversational flows  

  • Can be easily retrained, and updated for corrections, changes and new information

Beth NEW-55.png

Beth is intended to serve all lines of business. For every line of business Beth maintains about 50 dialog flows. 

Beth General Architecture
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Derek Carroll, AI Project Lead at IBM, on the collaboration with Ablera and the creation of Beth

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