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A long way to partner with the leaders – a strategic IBM/Ablera partnership is already a fact

There is no doubt that the synergy of cutting-edge proved technology, excellent domain knowledge, high-level expertise, and experience in Insurtech, will result in a new generation digitalization platform for insures in the near future. 

Ablera’s aim is to deliver to the market an innovative Cognitive transactional channel for human language interaction, a truly intelligent Virtual assistant, where the advanced technology base is a prerequisite for objectives achievement. 

It was a long way to find the right partner, who offers a mature and feature-rich solution and is able to contribute to the R&D process. This process was preceded by an extensive research of existing solutions. Only a few platforms can provide the needed technology base that will support the complexity of Ablera’s product.  

The analysis led Ablera to the conclusion that Watson Assistant is the most comprehensive and real projects proved conversation AI platform, that allows the building of intelligent Virtual assistants across any application, device, or channel.  

IBM & Ablera partnership includes not only using the technology base and ML models but also establishing a joint team, which will work on designing a complex Intelligent Virtual Assistant, specialized for the Insurance industry.


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