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Smart Engines and Ablera work together 

Ablera and Russian developer of AI-based identification systems Smart Engines signed an agreement of cooperation. In the scope of this collaboration, Russian scientists from Smart Engines, specializing in intelligent document processing, will ensure full automation of the identification process for the clients that interact with Ablera’s product. Embedded algorithms will allow the system to instantly process and digitize id cards, passports, driving licenses, vehicle documents, and car plates, regardless of lighting conditions and technical capabilities of the camera of the scanning device. Owing to AI, the technical solution is capable of determining the angle of inclination and perspective of the document within the screen, which helps it to quickly detect a document on the image in real-time, and successfully extract the necessary data.

Smart Engines is a Russia-based company, world’s leading supplier of integrated solutions for the recognition of identification documents based on years of fundamental R&D conducted by Russian scientists in the field of image recognition and processing, machine learning, high-load systems, recognition in the video stream and algorithmic optimization.  

With such a cooperation, Ablera’s aim is to ensure the end-users that they will save time while working with their insurer. This solution significantly decreases the level of human mistakes and speed-up and simplifies the process of data input by providing high recognition accuracy from document shots. Personal data is processed with strictly following of GDPR requirements. 


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