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Joint webinar of Ablera and IBM - Beth in focus with a live demo

On June 18, a joint webinar of Ablera and IBM was successfully held with very high interest.

The main topic discussed was Ablera’s Virtual Intelligent Assistant- Beth, which is based on IBM Watson technology. On a live demo, it was shown Text to Speech version, which is possible if a channel supports audio response. Adding Speech to Text service would allow us to interact with Beth over a pure audio channel with no input text required.

In the effectively used minutes, it became clear that Beth possibilities are multifaceted. This multilingual, multicountry, and multichannel powerful conversational platform is designed for insurance companies and brokers that intend to digitalize and improve the CX and agent's/employee's work, bringing the business to a completely new level. It supports the entire communication among the clients, agents, and employees and provides all these groups with complete multilingual interaction.  

Thus through Beth “avatar”, all the business operations could be completed easily, perpetually, and independently from the workplace of the insurer/broker. As an important message which came as a question, it was clarified that the channels of communication with Beth are end-to-end encrypted, and it can be integrated with any authentication solution.


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