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Beth is already available on the Boleron’s digital insurance platform, ready to chat with clients.

It was implemented in a very short period - only a month from signing the agreement to production. This became possible due to the fact, that Beth is a completed product, which the clients of Ablera can use with negligible customisation according to the offered insurance products and relevant business processes.

Beth provides a chat-like user interface, based on NLP, thus providing conversation automation and responses through the broker's website. It is 24/7 available to support and guide Boleron’s clients in the collaboration with their broker.

Boleron is a software platform for digital insurance, which started work at the beginning of 2020 as a digital broker. It is specially created for purchasing and managing insurance products via mobile phones from end-users.

It was a mutual decision to start the collaboration with limited Beth functionality, which will subsequently be expanded to the full capacity of the solution in order to assist clients with more complex inquiries and navigate them with general and specific tasks during each step of the interaction with their broker.


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