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Joint 60-minutes webinar of Ablera and IBM

“Meet Beth – The multilingual, multicountry, multichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Insurance”, June 18th 2020 (Thursday)

We are pleased to invite you to the joint 60-minutes webinar of Ablera and IBM, organized with the kind assistance of ALSO Bulgaria on the topic: “Meet Beth – The multilingual, multicountry, multichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Insurance”.

During this interactive webinar Derek Carroll, Watson Project Delivery Manager, IBM Cognitive Consultant, Watson Group at IBM and Pavel Pavlov, Cognitive Team Leader at Ablera, will present our solution that combines the latest AI/ML technologies, a thorough understanding of insurtech trends and the changed customer expectations, thus supporting modeling the insurer of the future.

The special focus of the webinar will be Beth – our Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Insurance, powered by IBM Watson AI. You will have the opportunity to see a live demo of a real, working product, ready to fit into your digitalization strategy

as of day one.


  1. Welcome Notes

  2. ABLERA - A Fusion of Experience, Knowledge, and Imagination (short presentation)

  3. SERDICA - AI Platform for Digital Business (brief overview to present the overall product of which VA Beth is a part)

  4. IBM Watson - A comprehensive, mature and feature-reach conversation platform

  5. IBM/ABLERA Joint Team – Scope of Collaboration, Achievements, Next Steps

  6. Beth - Multilingual Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Insurance: — Presentation of Methodology for Training — Live Demo

  7. Q&A

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!


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