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SERDICA - a new-generation platform for digitalizing business processes of insurers and brokers

Some of the main challenges the insurance industry is facing today include an ever-growing demand for personalization, changed customer expectations, and pressure to deliver consistent omnichannel experiences. Additionally, the current COVID-19 pandemic increases the need for remote services significantly.

In order to respond to all these demands, we developed SERDICA, a cutting-edge AI platform for digital business. Designed with an exhaustive knowledge of the insurance domain and an in-depth understanding of the InsurTech of the future, using the latest technology achievements, the platform provides an environment for models' creating and training, advanced solutions for omnichannel CX and AI accelerated policy management library.  

The advanced microservice architecture provides enormous scalability, allowing a seamless mix between existing old-school rule-based techniques and new AI/ML technologies (Analytics, NLG/NLP, Computer Vision). The insurance companies can conduct the role of AI layer depending on their strategy and digitalization roadmap.  

SERDICA acceleration layer makes SERDICA platform a real digitalization tool, providing a new level of automation, enhancing UX by using natural language and conversation techniques for interactions between insurers and their clients. 

A result of extensive research and analysis of the innovative technologies, adopting AI/ML, IoT, NLU/NLP, SERDICA brings customer engagement, dynamic and customized offering, and risk assessment to the next level. This new generation solution provides the insurers with a powerful platform to implement their digitalization strategy, increasing efficiency, and expanding their market presence due to adopting of AI/ML Technologies. SERDICA will also allow the insurer's clients to have their insurer in their mobile phones, obtaining round-the-clock services, personalized offers, and tailored coverage. 


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